Check our most popular rented furniture on a  3 year contract basis VAT included.

All products can be choosen in different colors, size and textures.

U shape sofa 140€/month

L shape sofa 94€/month

2p sofa 48€/month

3p sofa 77€/month

Armchair 38€/month

Chair 9€/month

Chair 5€/month

Chair 3€/month

Chair 11€/month

Chair 8€/month

Dinning table 200x105cm 44€/month

Dining table with extention 180+60x110cm 59€/month

Coffee table 7€/month

Coffee table 14€/month

Dinning table 240x110cm 48€/month

Dining table 250x110cm 55€/month

Coffee table 25€/month

Buffet 74€/month

Buffet 35€/month

Suspended stand 98€/month

TV stand 33€/month

TV stand 37€/month

TV stand 33€/month

Suspended stand 33€/month

Box spring bed 180x200cm matrass included 110€/month

Wooden bed 180x200 matrass included 55€/month

3 sliding door wardrobe 250cm 71€/month

2 door wardrobe 170cm 52€/month

Children's room with 120x200cm bed, night stand and cabinet 55€/month

Bunkbed 90x200 matrass included 79€/month

Complete bedroom wardrobe, 180x200 bed, nightstand 77€/month

Eating room with 180cm table, 6 chairs, buffet 122€/month