Alexandre Englebert

W furniture rental helped us establish all our furniture and home appliance to decorate our new offices. GREAT result and great rental solution. Thanks a lot!

Camen Diana

Embassy of Malaysia

«I warmly recommend W Furniture Rental, with whom we have been working for several years. They are an outstanding professional team who knows their business. They are close to their clients and listens to their needs. They always strives to offer flexible solutions. Thank you !»

Benjamin Faull


«Great furniture, perfect service! Accommodation wise, my stay in Brussels was probably one of the easiest relocations of my career, and your company definitely played a major part in this. I really appreciated the fact that you handled everything in complete autonomy and were able to work with my complicated agenda. »

Drago Navrsnik


« High level of professionalism, gracious and friendly service that I have rarely found elsewhere. The team offer exceptional furniture and are very flexible and creative. I am also amazed at how quickly she put together a furniture plan, paint plan and managed everything as we got closer to the deadline. You have my most sincere thanks for your effort, creativity, kindness, and attention throughout the last four years of our cooperation. I’ll absolutely turn to you as new needs develop.»